How to Uninstall Pro Tools First

Pro Tools is one of those programs that really likes to stick around. It takes up a lot of space, creates folders in multiple locations, and doesn’t uninstall as smoothly as a normal program. Read on to find out how to remove Pro Tools First from your

How to Rescan Plugins in Pro Tools

Pro Tools usually rescans your plugins for you when it launches, but your new plugin might not be on the list. You can’t do a manual rescan in Pro Tools like you can in other DAWs, but there’s still a way that you can force the system

How to Fix Protools 12 CPU Overload Error Message

Introduction Pro Tools is an impressive audio-editing software program that is being used by the mainstream industry. Composers, recording artists, and film studios are using the program to give them the output that they are looking for when creating audio. The software program has been around thirty

Top 5 Mastering Plug-ins for Pro Tools

In the past few years, the music production world has become more and more software-driven. This has left to-be-self-made music producers and recording artists with an overwhelming amount of options when it comes to choosing the best plug-ins that promise to make ‘self-mastering’ easier than ever before! Music standards

Best Computer for Pro Tools in 2019

If you're looking for a computer to run Pro Tools, we've got you covered. This huge guide will take you through every component of a computer and what the requirements are to run Pro Tools. OR​ If you want to just see my top picks, here you go 🙂Technology is

How to Keep Pro Tools 12 from Running Out of CPU Power

Digital audio workstations (DAWs) require a lot of processing power and memory. When the program begins to reach the limits of your CPU power or RAM, there is a risk that the program may crash. If you want to avoid losing your hard work when using Pro Tools,

How to Fix AAE Error 6117 When Using Pro Tools 12

Pro Tools is one of the most used DAWs despite a few limitations and known errors. One of the most commonly reported errors is AAE Error 6117, which is an issue with the audio driver. If you are getting frustrated trying to figure out how to solve this