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How Much Does ProTools 12 Cost?

How Much Does Pro Tools Cost? Users often wonder how they can buy Pro Tools and how much the different models and versions cost. In this comprehensive guide, we explain the pricing and feature differences between various Pro Tools options. Pro Tools First Offers Local Storage Let’s

Best Computer for Pro Tools in 2019

Over the last 5 years, computers have gotten smaller and more powerful.  A new laptop today is usually more powerful and more capable than a similarly priced desktop from just a few years ago.However, if you aren't planning to move your studio setup around a lot, then

Top 5 Alternatives to Pro Tools in 2019

It is rare that someone decides to jump ship on a DAW software and then choose a totally different one learning it from the ground up. It is hard as you have to learn a whole new user interface, new shortcuts, new everything. I did this, jumping

Pro Tools Shortcuts You Need To Know

How to Become Faster in Pro Tools with Keyboard ShortcutsWhether you're mixing tracks for the next great album or you're laying audio down for your self-produced podcast, Pro Tools gives you the most powerful software audio system in the world. It's also pretty complex, which means if

Working with OMF and AAF files in Pro Tools

Transferring non-linear audio and video when working with sound for picture is accomplished by the use of OMF or AAF files. So what are they, how are they created and how do you work with them in Pro Tools? An OMF (Open Media Framework Interchange), which is

Parallel Processing in Pro Tools

Some effects such as reverb or delay should not be inserted directly onto a track for several reasons. First and most important, if you insert a delay or a reverb unit directly onto a track you will not have any control over the sound of the effect

Avid Pro Tools Certifications: Overview

This week we are taking a look at the courses and certifications Avid offers for Pro Tools and why they are worth taking a look at. There are several levels of certification that one can achieve for Pro Tools and each level requires the completion of one