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Introduction In our opinion, the worst thing you can come across as a post production mixer is a bad quality recording, the classic saying of ‘You can’t polish poop‘. While there are many brilliant plug-ins for removing noise, clicks, and pops, reverb is still a very tricky

Driven Fast: Choosing The Right Hard Drive

Introduction It is recommended that you have a separate dedicated drive(s) for audio record/playback – it may seem unimportant at first, but believe me it has dramatic effects on the way Pro Tools, or any DAW for that matter performs. Why? Your system drive has to run

Session Templates: The Basics

Introduction Most mixing engineers tend to have a preferred way of approaching a session, whether it be the effects used or the way in which signals are routed, each engineer will have a process in which they feel is most productive. Pro Tools offers a feature known


Introduction In this tutorial we will be looking at reverb and how it can be used within your mixes, in particular we will be referencing Digidesign’s ‘D-Verb’ plug-in although you will notice across different reverb units that the optional variables are roughly the same. What is reverb?

The Telephone Effect

Introduction Funnily enough, the ‘Telephone’ effect makes the affected audio sound like it’s being played through a telephone!¬†The effect can be created in a number of ways including playing a sound through a small bandwidth speaker and re-recording via a microphone – a technique more commonly known

Region Muting

Introduction Ever had an audio region somewhere on a track which you don’t want to hear right now but might want to later? Have you been creating new tracks or even automating the volume to keep a region quiet? Introducing region muting… Region muting is another little


Introduction In this tutorial we will shed some light on the terms and definitions associated with filtering and why filtering is an essential process during your productions. Filtering is a process based around equalisation, while the term filtering could refer to cutting a narrow band of unwanted frequencies,

Missing Files

Introduction If your audio sessions are constantly being moved between studios or to various external drives, the missing files dialog window within Pro Tools is something you may be familiar with. This tutorial will explain how you can find and re-link the missing files in a number